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Our First Ruby Winner – OmniAuth for Force.com & Heroku

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted March 24th, 2011

Actually the challenge was so tight that we declared two winners and decided to spread the love around! Congrats to everyone that participated in the OAuth2 with OmniAuth for Force.com & Heroku challenge.

So a couple of weeks ago the idea for this challenge came to me on an email thread with Quinton Wall (salesforce.com) and Ben Scofield (Heroku) as I was having problems coding an OAuth2 solution for Force.com in Ruby for the REST API. Ben made the suggestion that instead of requiring developers to implement their own solution (who here likes to do the OAuth dance?), why not give back to the community by building out a Force.com strategy for OmniAuth. The package already supports OAuth for Facebook, GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter and many, many more providers so it seemed logical. (BTW, while the challenge was under way, Quinton Wall wrote a great article entitled, Build Mobile Apps in the Cloud with Omniauth, Httparty and Force.com.)

We received three high quality submissions and have awarded the following prizes. We were a little more generous than we originally planned to be so we hope the winners don’t mind.

  1. mbleigh – $1500
  2. sbfaulkner – $750
  3. jacobdam

Part of the requirements were to provide a link to the application running on Heroku. You can test out the OAuth functionality yourself and see a list of salesforce.com accounts from your Developer org.

I’ve already spoken with project owner of OmniAuth (he happened to be one of the three submitters) and he stated, “Once I have resolution on the 500 error issue, I will be rolling this into the official OmniAuth repository as well”.