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Our Exponential Futures Unveiled: 23 Hours of Innovation & Design

By cloudspokes In Uncategorized

Posted April 7th, 2014

@clintonbon – Clinton Bonner

0, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 … We are all in the era of exponential innovation, the only question is, what point of the curve are we truly on? Sometimes, during the varied monotony that life can throw our way, we lose sight and forget the blistering pace of change that is our exponential reality. We are living in a world where a crowdfunded, virtual gaming project can be created, accelerated, and acquired for $2 Billion dollars in the span of 18 months. We’re experiencing a reckoning to traditional education due to the fact that within the most advanced technological topics one could study, an advanced degree, such as a Master’s, is literally outdated by the time it is attained. This is an era where a shared-economy application, that launched a few short years ago, is scheduled to become the largest hotelier on the planet within the next year and a half. Sometimes, it may not feel like much is changing, but our shared reality is wildly different.

Last week, out in Mountain View, CA, we had the privilege of attending and presenting at the Innovation Partnership Program (IPP) event, delivered by XPRIZE and Singularity University. Amazing presentations and conversations that help shape, illuminate, and define burgeoning industries, such as advanced autonomous robotics, AI, synthetic biology, 3D Printing, wearable technology and even quantum computing were delivered to the eager audience of Fortune 200 executives; often led by the pioneering innovators of their respective fields. IPP is truly a futurist gathering; but the important part to recognize is that this is not some distant, far-off future. Rather the focus at IPP is to showcase what is actually our radically different near-future, that is as close – time wise – as 24 short months away, and certainly within the coming decade.

Interested in learning more about IPP? Visit www.ipp.biz

Even with this incessant drum beaten throughout the program – that objects in our future are closer than they appear – we still felt that the [topcoder] community could help encapsulate much of the sentiment shared on the IPP stage and present it in a different, and very tangible way. As the leaders in crowdsourcing and open innovation for enterprise digital asset creation, we had been asked – and humbly accepted – to present to this executive audience on the very topic of our expertise. It was our goal to not only discuss who comprises our 620,000+ member [topcoder] community and what type of work & innovation we routinely help our clients accomplish; but rather to take it a step further and showcase on-stage just what our community is capable of, and to do so in less than 24 hours. If Missouri is the “Show Me” State, then it was our goal to make this the “Show Me” session at IPP.

The 23 Hour LUX (Live UX) Mobile Design Challenge

To demonstrate what the [topcoder] community could do and to make it a fun experience for the live audience, we knew we had to make it an interactive one. So we decided that during @singhns on-stage interview with business model innovation pioneer and founder of XPRIZE @peterdiamandis, we were going to ask the audience three seemingly non-related questions, which were:

These 3 questions, and their respective answers were then immediately used as inputs into what was a 23 hour UX mobile design challenge.

Question 1, and the most popular answer of “Get in a good workout” told us that we were going to ask the community to design the UX for a mobile fitness application!

Question 2, and the winning answer of “Daft Punk” meant we would be instructing our community that the designs and elements within should be super clean, with perhaps a bit of sheen, and the thoughtful incorporation of white space (or solid colors) in the design.

Finally, question 3, and the Bat-man’s often hobbit-like alter ego “Bruce Wayne” took top place, which resulted in us communicating to our [topcoder] designers that the typical user of this app would be short on-time (a true weekend warrior), and have a strong desire to compete and to win at everything he or she did.

With our Director of Creative Services dialed in via Skype, we explained to the audience that they had just participated in a requirements gathering exercise and that this design challenge had just been launched, live on-stage. With nothing left to do but trust the [topcoder] community to deliver, we fielded several questions about [topcoder] on stage, and left the innovative limelight for now, a bit satisfied and also a bit nervous, unsure what tomorrow would bring.

23 Hours of Innovation & Design Later… Ding!

By the time @singhns took the stage the next day at IPP, it was approximately 26 hours after we pushed the challenge live. The UX design challenge had ended a few hours previous and behind the scenes our team was pouring over the submissions and deciding which variety of outputs to showcase to the audience. Below are just some of the amazing UX design concepts we decided to share live.

Before viewing some of the outputs, let’s take a moment to look at the contributions from our amazing [topcoder] community.

  • 83 registered members
  • 42 submissions
  • 32 unique submitters
  • 18 countries represented
  • < 24 hours time

What an amazing event! It was very hard to select and rank the designs, but we owe a huge congratulations to our 7 prize winners (listed in order below). It also comes with great pleasure to announce a second LUX challenge, launching today, April 7th! Fresh off the heels of such a successful first round, we couldn’t wait to do it again. Check out the newest edition of LUX, and enjoy the amazing results from Round 1.

  1. 1st Place: yoki

  1. 2nd Place: iamtong

  1. 3rd Place: ujazz

  1. 4th Place: CoralBlue

  1. 5th Place: kelvinwebdesign

  1. 6th Place: gh3ablo

  1. 7th Place: oninkxronda