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Our $500,000 SunShot Series Starts This Week! See Contest Dates Now!

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Posted February 12th, 2015

Topcoder is hosting the SunShot Catalyst initiative from February 13 to April 17th. SunShot teams participating in the DOE/NREL sponsored initiative have $25K each for a total of $500k in 8 weeks. During the first two weeks of competition we will have nearly $100k of prize money to be won.

Designers Needed!

We are increasing prize money for checkpoints! Be sure to check the specifics on each. As we begin our kickoff meetings with the 17 finalists in the SunShot Catalyst program, we’re finding most of them are in need of the community’s design expertise!

Challenge TypeChallenge NameTC Public URLPosting Date
Assembly CompetitionSunShot – UtilityAPI iOS SDKhttps://www.topcoder.com/challenge-details/3004872302/13/15
Web DesignSunShot – Savenia – Responsive Template Design Challengehttps://www.topcoder.com/challenge-details/30048648/?type=design&lc=02/13/15
CodeSunShot – Clearly Energy – Green Button Assemblyhttps://www.topcoder.com/challenge-details/3004878302/14/15
WireframesSunShot – Solar Power Report Website Wireframehttps://www.topcoder.com/challenge-details/30048475/?type=design&lc=02/14/15
Web DesignSunShot – National Solar Tour – Map UI Designhttps://www.topcoder.com/challenge-details/30048710/?type=design&lc=02/15/15
Assembly CompetitionSunShot – PVImpact iOS Application Developmenthttps://www.topcoder.com/challenge-details/3004870202/15/15
Assembly CompetitionSunShot – National Solar Tour WordPress Member Management Systemhttps://www.topcoder.com/challenge-details/3004871202/16/15
Web DesignSunShot – Sunmetrix -Website Designhttps://www.topcoder.com/challenge-details/30048655/?type=design&lc=02/16/15
Web DesignSunShot – PVComplete Site Designhttps://www.topcoder.com/challenge-details/30048808/?type=design&lc=02/16/15
CodeSunShot – Solar Ags NodeJS API Developmenthttps://www.topcoder.com/challenge-details/3004878802/16/15
Application Front-End DesignSunShot – SolarAgs – Android App Designhttps://www.topcoder.com/challenge-details/30048597/?type=design&lc=02/16/15
Application Front-End DesignSunShot – Solar Site Design Mobile App Designhttps://www.topcoder.com/challenge-details/30048686/?type=design&lc=02/17/15
Web DesignSunShot – Solar Retina Map View and Filtershttps://www.topcoder.com/challenge-details/30048721/?type=design&lc=02/17/15
WireframesSunShot – Gridmates – Application Wireframehttps://www.topcoder.com/challenge-details/30048766/?type=design&lc=02/18/15
WireframesSunShot – PVBid Wireframe Challengehttps://www.topcoder.com/challenge-details/30048786/?type=design&lc=02/18/15
UI Prototype CompetitionSunShot – Soluxify – UI Prototypehttps://www.topcoder.com/challenge-details/3004865402/19/15
Web DesignSunShot – Windowstreet Financial – WordPress Responsive Designhttps://www.topcoder.com/challenge-details/30048606/?type=design&lc=02/19/15
Assembly CompetitionSunShot – SunMetrix Green Button Python Servicehttps://www.topcoder.com/challenge-details/3004866602/20/15

These teams have great ideas on making solar more accessible to everyone, from demystifying the technology, building systems, cost savings and everything in between. Some ideas are early sketches and some are currently functional sites and apps. Even though these teams are brilliant in the solar space, they need help with information flows and UIs. No matter how fabulous these tools are, if no can can figure out how to use them or engage, they won’t be successful.

The upcoming series of contests for the Incubation Phase will be heavy in wireframing, UI design and responsive prototyping for these solar tools. It would be helpful to browse the finalists videos (under winning submissions) to get an idea of what they are trying to achieve.

These 17 finalists will present in a live Demo Day in May and could be showcasing your work to hundreds of people in person!

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