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Not your boring old Topcoder profiles…

By mess In Community Stories, Marketplace Updates

Posted October 27th, 2015

Profiles have always been a key part of the Topcoder experience. They underscore the immense talent that defines the Topcoder Community. It’s time to bring profiles to the next level and make them even more of a centerpiece than they are today.

A new profile page will be getting released very soon. We’d like to share a preview of what you will see when the new pages go live. You’ll find that the basic concepts and foundational pillars that have been engrained in the Topcoder profiles and culture are still there. You’ll also see some new concepts being introduced that we hope you’ll find to be a nice addition. As they say, “…pictures are worth a thousand words…”, so whenever I can I’ll include visuals.

Your top level public profile page

When you hit your public profile page, you will see a much cleaner design and layout. Before you even look at the page, one thing to note is that you’ll have a friendly URL to your profile. For example, mine will be www.topcoder.com/members/TonyJ. Some of the basic information that describes a user will be brought to the top left of the page. Think of this section as your own personal “elevator pitch“. For example, you can immediately see that a member is involved in one or more tracks (design, development, data science, copiloting), how many wins they have, when they joined, and their personal quote/blurb.



On the right side of the page you’ll find skills. What?!? Skills? Something that Topcoder prides itself on is the broad range of skills our members possess, as well as the depth of those skills. As you know, by competing at Topcoder you earn real credibility and are ranked and rated among your peers based on your performance. Historically, we have displayed a lot of stats like rating, rank, volatility, # of submissions, challenge success rate, # of wins, etc. However, under the hood in our trusty data repositories there is a lot more information that is very interesting. Skills begin to surface some of this information. In the skills section, information about skills you have will be displayed. There are 3 ways they will appear:

1. You compete (submit and pass review) in a Topcoder challenge that is tagged with a particular skill/technology.

2. You edit your profile and manually add/remove some skills from your profile.

3. You link an account such as github and magically the Topcoder platform pulls in interesting information about work you’ve contributed. In the initial release, skills won’t flow into your profile when you link your account(s), but you will see some basic stats from the account.


Topcoder Activity

Of course your Topcoder profile wouldn’t be complete without your Topcoder activity. Don’t worry, it’s still here and looking better than ever. A summary of the tracks you have participated in as well as your rating and/or # of wins in each is on the main page. Drilling into any track brings you to the detailed charts and stats that you’re accustomed too.


External Accounts

Since I mentioned the ability to link external accounts above, let me explain. We acquired a very cool platform and community called coderbits. Coderbits allows its community members to link external accounts to their profile. The engine behind the scenes then goes and inspects these accounts for information it is interested in and aggregates it into a profile. For example, if I’ve contributed 5000 lines of node.js code to 15 repos on github, then that information becomes part of my profile data and node.js becomes one of my skills. Well, coderbits is now living inside the Topcoder platform and doing the same type of cool analysis and aggregation. We still have some work to do on this part, so functionality will be limited at first but will quickly expand. We want to hear what external accounts you’d like to be able to link.


Here are some additional views of the profile:


Design Profile Stats


Design Profile – Past Submissions


Development Profile – Rating History


Development Profile – Rating Distribution


Development Profile – Competition History

As with all changes, we appreciate your support with this one. If you run into issues, find bugs, can’t find a page you’ve been using, or just have general feedback please let us know.

Feel free to reach out to us in the forums or send a direct message to support@topcoder.com. There will also be a feedback widget in the updated site after it is released.