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Next Generation Direct Preview

By mess In Uncategorized

Posted April 7th, 2010

Our community is in the process of giving the Direct (Cockpit) tools a major overhaul. Tonight we released the first piece of it – a basic skeleton site that implements a few features.

Visit the site.

The functionality that you can test drive currently is:

  • Login
  • Top level dashboard view (notice the performance improvements)
  • Dashboard Calendar View
  • Navigate between projects using the sidebar controls
  • View Project’s Dashboard
  • View a Project’s list of contests with basic stats and status
  • …and some other features you’ll find scattered in

You’ll notice that most of the functionality is not released yet. Don’t worry, it’s on it’s way: Development Roadmap

You will also start to get a feel for the design and usability of the site. Feedback, as always, is much appreciated from everyone. If you would like to send in your feedback please email it to directassist@topcoder.com.