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New Topcoder Member Dashboard

By maryam In Uncategorized

Posted July 1st, 2015


Logged-in Topcoder members will now have a centralized spot for all of their key activities at Topcoder. A personalized dashboard will provide easy to find links and navigation, information about challenges they are involved in, upcoming algorithm challenges and exciting new member programs.

Today members have to visit several different links and areas of the website to track down all of the information they need on a daily basis. This includes a list of challenges a member is involved in, links to forums, tutorials and editorials, finding the algorithm calendar and visiting the Topcoder blog.

All of this information will now be provided in one easy to use dashboard for logged-in members. Personalized information will be displayed for each logged in topcoder member putting the most relevant information at their fingertips. Additionally, members will now be kept in the loop about our upcoming member programs soon to be launched! You’ll be able to find your dashboard at www.topcoder.com/my-dashboard or by clicking My Account (top right hand corner) and My Topcoder.


This is the 1.0 release and we are already actively working on the next version with a much improved UX. Please let us know what we are missing and what you’d love to see by leaving feedback int he Topcoder News & Updates forum.