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New Spec Review Process Is Live

By mess In Uncategorized

Posted January 22nd, 2010

We’re moving the rest of the software contest types over to the new spec review process as of now. This includes everything except for studio contests. Please discontinue using the TCSSPEC Jira project for spec reviews after your current reviews are complete. Studio reviews will remain as-is for now.

The process described below is still the same (it’s the same process you’ve been using for UI Prototypes and RIA Builds). Here is a full guide you can use for your reference as well as for your clients: http://www.topcoder.com/wiki/display/docs/Specification+Review+Guide

Spec Reviews will launch automatically when you activate your contests. They will not be created for component dev contests that are tied to a design. You will see the spec review show up as a project in OR that is linked to the contest. Members will see an opportunity on the existing Review Opportunities pages.

If you have a reason to not do a spec review or you need a non-standard spec review payment (currently set at $50), please let me know in advance of activating the contest and also let me know why so we can understand how to account for it in the process.