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New Member Dashboard

By mess In Community Stories, Marketplace Updates

Posted October 23rd, 2015

We recently posted an update talking about some features we’ve been working on. In there, we promised we would give you some more details about each of the upcoming features. Well, here it is…

First up is a brand new dashboard. When you login to topcoder.com, this will be your main landing page. For new users, the page guides and educates the user. For existing active users, the page summarizes your activity and current standings as a member of the Topcoder community and gets you quickly to where you need to go. For all users, it provides easy access to update your profile and settings, the latest happenings in the community, and quick access to some fun and rewarding programs.

Among other things, you’ll see:

  • All of your ratings
  • Your active and past challenges
  • Upcoming SRM’s as well as your past SRM history
  • The latest member programs
  • The latest community news

Here is what it will look like:


We hope you enjoy it. We’ll be iterating on this page and adding more functionality along with your help, so as always, we want your feedback. You’ll notice a feedback widget on the page that you can use. Or, come chat with us in the forums.

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