May 4, 2021 New Ebook: Facing Your 3 Biggest Security Fears

Simple access to talent sounds great, but how can you trust people? Why do we trust them? If you’ve never engaged on-demand talent through a crowdsourcing platform before, you likely have concerns around security and IP.

We created our new ebook—Facing Your 3 Biggest Security Fears About Using On-Demand Talent—to help address the 3 most common fears that come up:

  1. How can I trust the people in Topcoder’s community? 
  2. How do I know the code is any good? 
  3. How do I protect my IP and keep my organization safe?

Security is about trust

As a talent platform, people are at the core of what we do. And, we know more about the talent, their verified skills, digital identity, and work history than you likely know about any other people from 3rd parties, and maybe even your own employees. The Ebook details why you can trust freelancer talent from Topcoder, how quality, secure work is ensured, and how your IP is protected throughout.

Your team has a lot of work they want to get done using on-demand talent. Understanding risks and detailing out processes that keep you and your organization secure is a smart place to begin. Topcoder has 20+ years of delivering for Global 100 organizations and Public Sector customers, securely. Data protection, IP infringement, malware scanning, source code reviews, and more comprise the technology that makes security a core component of the Topcoder Platform.

If you treat security and IP seriously,  pick up this free resource to learn: 

  • Why Topcoder is more secure than traditional methods
  • How processes such as atomization and obfuscation protect you
  • If hackers and bad actors are a threat 

Your modern workforce will be hybrid—mixing FTEs, contractors, and on-demand talent. Take the next step in talent sourcing innovation by downloading the 3 Security fears Ebook. Understand the fears and get good answers.

Annika Nagy


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