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Navigation Updates

By mess In Community Stories, Marketplace Updates

Posted October 26th, 2015

Next on the agenda to talk about related to the upcoming platform releases is everybody’s favorite topic – Topcoder navigation. Pretty soon, you will see an updated header and footer on the community sites (www.topcoder.com, community.topcoder.com/tc and apps.topcoder.com/forums). The new header includes an updated navigation as well. Here is a preview:






My Topcoder:nav_settings

Most of the items in the navigation will look familiar, but we’re introducing a few new concepts that are worth talking about.

  1. It is responsive, so you can finally get around the site on your phone.nav_mobile
  2. Thanks to a lot of great feedback from everyone, we are establishing “Competitive Programming” as it’s own track in addition to the existing Design/Development/Data Science tracks. This essentially splits out the Arena and SRM’s from Data Science (currently includes Marathon Matches) into it’s own category. This gives us room to add future competition types to the Competitive Programming track. We haven’t fully propagated this change across everything, so you will still see some parts of the site that use “Data Science” for both SRM’s and Marathon Matches. We’ll get to those as soon as we can.
  3. Statistics get a home…well, at least they bought a piece of land. We’re establishing a home for the statistics. You know, all of those pages you get to from community.topcoder.com/tc such as the “Record Books”, “Top Ranked”, and the depths of SRM and Marathon Match stats. The navigation to them will be consolidated to this new Statistics page and accessible from the top nav.
  4. Members also bought a piece of real estate. This one is a big long term investment. Our community members have always been, and will continue to be, the reason we’re all here. The new members page will set the stage as the spot to discover community members, learn about them, showcase top members, access different groups in the community like review boards and copilots, etc. We’ll start simple, but plan to evolve this page into something pretty special with your help.
  5. We’re definitely guilty of having a site that is difficult to navigate, and we’ve heard your complaints and feedback more than a few times over the years about it :). We’ve been maintaining multiple navigation patterns, naming conventions, and duplicate pages. So, …with the addition of the above nav and supporting pages, the /tc sidebar (left nav on community.topcoder.com/tc will be deprecated as well as the /tc homepage (most subpages will remain for now). I know that stings for some of you, but it’s one of those bandaids that we just need to rip off in order to push ourselves to a consolidated, single, better experience. The new member dashboard will replace /tc.

Hopefully those of you that have competed in the contributing competitions had fun with it. There is more to come, so get involved!

As with all changes, we appreciate your support with this one. If you run into issues, find bugs, can’t find a page you’ve been using, or just have general feedback please let us know.

Feel free to reach out to us in the forums or send a direct message to support@topcoder.com. There will also be a feedback widget in the updated site after it is release.