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MemSQL is the Sponsor of the TCO15 SF Regional Event!

By mcards13 In Uncategorized

Posted May 18th, 2015

We are excited to announce the 2015 Topcoder Open San Francisco Regional Event sponsored by MemSQL!

On June 20, 2015, MemSQL will be hosting the TCO15 San Francisco regional event at their HQ in downtown San Francisco. Register and view all the details here.

This event will be hosting TCO15 Algorithm Competition Round 2B* as well as a $5,000 Hackathon. Event registration is open to all Topcoder members who plan to attend the event. Join MemSQL reps for a day of games, competitions, food, and fun!

Register and Learn More!

MemSQL was founded by Topcoder members. There’s a reason why MemSQL attracts and hires many Topcoder members. Building a database is an extremely hard task. We write very complex C++ code that needs to be fast and bulletproof. We cannot hire average engineers to do that – we need people who are insanely smart. Incidentally, this is exactly the quality you need to become a good Topcoder. Learn more about MemSQL and apply here.

*Just a reminder… Algorithm Round 2B is open to any Round 1 advancer either online or onsite at this event who have not already qualified for Round 3.