January 5, 2019 Marathon Match 106 – Stained Glass

Welcome to 2019, and to the first fun Marathon of the year – Stained Glass!
In this problem you’ll need to create a stained glass window from a given photo. Each piece of glass is created as a cell in a Voronoi diagram, so you only need to choose the seed points of the diagram and the colors of the corresponding regions. One thing to keep in mind is that you’re penalized by your colored glass supplier for using a lot of distinct colors for your glass.
The testing is done on random images from Wikipedia – they are not really fun (somehow the vast majority of the photos are boring-looking buildings and even more boring-looking greenery, sometimes both), but I did my best to select a few really nice pictures for the problem statement. I’m especially fond of depictions of various desserts 🙂

Good luck in the match, and I hope you enjoy the problem!


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