May 4, 2018 Marathon Match 100: Winners and More!

MM 100 results are here! First off, thanks to all our members, staff, and competitors for making it such a huge success. We had a record number of members who participated.
We had lot of first-timers, members who competed after a good 2-3 years and old timers – those who joined Topcoder before 2012 – making a come back with Marathon Match 100. We had people who joined way back from 2001 participating in this historic match as well.
As a part of the celebration, we published some amazing posts to take back members to the journey. Here are some of them:

Thanks to Nickolas for another amazing problem. You can read the match recap by CatalinT here.
In addition, it was amazing to see some famous SRM participants such as tourist, scott_wu , neal_wu coming out to compete in a Marathon Match. Also in the fray was our veteran co-pilot JacoCronje .
We also have a small surprise for all those who took part in MM 100. You all are getting a special MM100 Topcoder badge.
So, who were the top performers?
#1: Kimiyuki took the first position with a total of 791,337.19 points and won $250
#2: Close on his heels was eldidou with a total score of 791,302.19 pints. $150
#3: The third rank was held by imazato with 791,285.59 points. $75
We also had a newbie prize, which went to ttjtftx and he wins $150. Congrats to ttjtftx! We hope to see you in the TCO18 Marathon Match Competition kicking off this week!
Here are the T-shirt winners!
Veteran T-Shirt Winners:

eldidou namiajelszo zibada
imazato bduvenhage hoshi524
wleite neal_wu dtaka
hakomo koyumeishi shilov
machy scott_wu sdya
battyone AlexeyProkopnev CatalinT
JacoCronje iehn ibra
okazaki tourist accel
tomerun EvbCFfp1XB Nekomimimi
xyz600 H_a_s_h stzgd
aelg maniek Daiver19

MM 100 Special T-shirt Winners

ebicochineal kurenai3110
WA_TLE shamal
atsT5515 tsukammo
davidspencer packer_jp
iwashi31 sumoru
simanman assy0000
ki-ki my316g
nofto eris_c

You can check out the final standings here.
The Marathon Competition of the 2018 Topcoder Open beings on May 4, 2018 with the TCO18 Warsaw Regionals Lightning Round. The round is open to all and points will be awarded according to the details mentioned here plus there are prizes too!
So those are our final thoughts on MM 100. Thanks again for making Marathon Match 100 a grand success and hope to see you competing in TCO Rounds.

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