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Making your life easier when creating Component contests…

By mess In Uncategorized

Posted November 10th, 2009

We have added some automation features to Cockpit surrounding the creation of Component Design and Component Development contests. Here is the summary:

1. When creating a Component Design contest, Cockpit will ask you whether or not you want to create the corresponding Development contest at the time you save.

2. If you are creating a Component Development contest separately, you will have the option to create it as “Dev Only” OR you can select an existing component that you have access to. This will include all generic components as well as any custom components that you have access to. The contest name field will populate with a dropdown list of matching components when you start typing.


– Once you create a dev contest that is linked to a component, you cannot change it to Dev Only. If you need to do this, contact components@topcoder.com

– Once you create a component as Dev Only, you cannot link it to another component. If you need to do this, contact components@topcoder.com