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Look what’s coming to the platform…

By mess In Community Stories, Marketplace Updates

Posted October 15th, 2015

Earlier this year, our CEO Chris Barbin wrote about the vision for Topcoder and the plans we had for improvements to the platform and member experience. Since then, we’ve grown our team and been working hard to improve our infrastructure, refresh our design, and create valuable and engaging experiences. You’ll start seeing these changes shortly in upcoming releases. We’ll summarize them below and continue blogging about specific features in detail over the next few weeks, so that you know what to expect. Some of you may have already seen some of the new features in the challenges on which you’ve worked (thanks for your help!). We hope you’ll like the new direction for Topcoder and, as always, we want to know what you think–good, bad, or ugly. Hope to hear from you in the forums.

Here is a brief summary of what you can expect:

Navigation and General UI

We hear you: our sites have become hard to navigate, even for veteran users. We’ll introduction a new common header and footer with consistent navigation across all of the Topcoder sites. Part of our goal is to give a lot of the links buried in the sidebar of /tc a proper home. We’ll also update the Topcoder UI to be more modern and consistent across all of our pages, including being easy to use on mobile.


The Profile has been good for seeing your challenges performance on Topcoder, but increasingly doesn’t tell your whole story. We’ll make it easy to showcase your work from other sites and services, such as GitHub or Dribbble, and explicitly tell others about your skills–programming languages, platforms, design tools, and more.



Your new logged-in homepage will bring the information and actions you care about to the forefront. You’ll find at-a-glance info about your activities across all tracks (development, design, SRM’s, Marathon Matches), as well as quick access to edit your profile and account settings. We’ll also use this page to spotlight fun and interesting things going on in the community, such as Swiftoberfest.

Account Creation, Login, and Account Management

We’ve improved our authentication system to make registration and login smoother and more secure. You’ll see single pages for both experiences (no more wondering if you’re in the right place), with clear validation messages. Your account settings (profile, account info, and preferences) will be easy to find and change.


Mobile Friendly

All new pages and features are being designed and built to be easy to use on the go. So, you’ll finally be able to use Topcoder on your phone as you’ve always imagined.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 5.10.27 PM

Stay tuned for more news about these upcoming features and more to come beyond that.