May 29, 2020 Jessie’s Design Month Dash – Round 3 Recap

The conclusion of Jessie’s Design Month Challenge Round 3 did not disappoint! The members who advanced in that challenge were the winners from Round 2. You can see their great designs here .

The objective of this challenge was to design a new Topcoder Virtual Arena. The idea came from Nick Castillo, who was brainstorming on how we can improve our virtual regional events. When we are at TCO, we usually have these kiosks where people can watch the members competing in real time (examples: one, two). We were looking for something similar only online.

For this round, designers had only 24 hours to submit. The goal of the virtual arena page was to present real-time competitions (development, design, data science, algorithm), which can be viewed by any Topcoder member and allow them to chat along with others in the room. We even provided screenshots to use for an Algorithm competition.

The members who entered this competition were:

  • yoki
  • iamtong
  • adittjg
  • aditm17
  • eriantoongko
  • adalahoscar
  • aveef
  • billthezab
  • nestwasp
  • oninkxronda
  • khusnunirawan
  • dendyh7
  • VivekSati
  • arcnajib
  • Rizqykhairani

For this challenge, the designers had to incorporate: 

  • Emoji: Clapping
  • Random item 1: Confetti
  • Random item 2: Pineapple
  • Color palette:  violet , purple , green 

Below you can see the Round 3 winners designs. Congratulations to everyone, especially or champion oninkxronda!

1st place: oninkxronda


2nd place: eriantoongko

C:\Users\R2D2\Downloads\01-01 - Onsite Arena - Landing Page.png

3rd place: adittjg


4th place: iamtong 


5th place: khusnunirawan


Thank you all for competing and hope you had fun!


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