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It’s Time to Vote for Your 2016 CAB!

By cbonner In Community Stories

Posted December 17th, 2015

Who will represent the community in 2016? Help us decide! The CAB applications and nominations have been collected, and the Topcoder Community staff have chosen 12 candidates. Now we need your help! Your votes will help us determine the 2016 Community Advisory Board! Voting is easy – just read through the applications and indicate who you think might make a good CAB member. 2016’s CAB should be balanced with new and old members, alike, who share a passion for the community.

Who does CAB represent?

The 2016 Topcoder Community Advisory Board will consist of 6 members representing the design, development, data science and competitive programming “tracks” of competition. Each CAB member speaks for the entire community, but individuals may have a special interest in one or more of the tracks, as well as a unique perspective of a reviewer or copilot. The goal is to have a good balance of perspectives and experience.

What do CAB members do?

Within the 12-month term, CAB members spend time each month making sure the community voice is heard! They will be in the know of any upcoming platform updates, as well as changes where the community will have strong opinions. Some responsibilities include:

  • Attending monthly meetings with Topcoder staff
  • Reviewing new ideas and features and providing feedback to Topcoder staff
  • Regularly communicating with the members and prioritizing all wants/needs of the community
  • Recapping meetings in a blog post and in the CAB forum
  • Maintaining an active voice in the CAB forum

We hope you’ll take the time to cast your vote here in this survey. Voting begins today and will continue until midnight ET on January 4th.