March 14, 2019 Introducing the 2019 Topcoder MVP Members!

Last year we had our first generation of MVPs who proved the efficiency of this program and did a great job: fajar.mln, gh3ablo, yoki, billsedison, birdofpreyru, talesforce, thomaskranitsas, CatalinT, gorbunov and nickolas. In case you’re wondering what a Topcoder MVP is, let me tell you: it’s a prestigious group of elite Topcoder members who represent our community. The program provides our MVPs opportunities to enjoy special perks, help improve the community, and grow professionally.

MVP’s Expectations

As an elite Topcoder MVP, in order to uphold the title, members are required to do the following items every calendar year:

  • Attend at least two virtual meetings per year
  • Contribute to at least three blog posts per year
  • Attend at least one community event
  • Actively participate in the Topcoder forums and community slack channel
  • Consistently keep communications open with admins

In 2019, the nominations took place from place in January and the Topcoder team received a large amount of great nominations. It was a tough decision to select just a few from the entire list as there were limited spots allocated.

Here are the selected MVPs in 2019!

Thoughts on 2019 MVPs

Here are some thoughts on why each MVP was nominated by Topcoder members when asked which MVP quality they best represented.

About PereViki:

Hard work and innovation: she has a critical thinking and a good in-depth problem analysis and solving which she applies in the design projects. Not only she’s paying attention to details and pointed several TC site issues before, but also came with proposed solutions for them. As a new member, she definitely has a fresh view on the platform and community, and I think her ideas put into practice, would be of great benefit for everyone!

About hi4sandy:

Passion: Sandeep is always coming with ideas on how to improve things on the platform, especially related to his the development track. He is taking care of the development newsletter and writes blog articles, helps new members to start on the track and stays on top of the technologies. Besides this, in his free time, he has developed an application for community to see the challenges and their details, forums, etc.

About DaraK:

Let me choose hard work as an example. Daniela is online most of the times I’d like to talk to her, even if it seems that she is not 🙂 If there is something that needs to be solved she is always there, and she makes sure not only to deliver information to the right place but also manages these things end to end. It also seems that she takes part in everything in the background, like the awesome newsletter, internal projects, suggesting improvements. Topcoder would not be the same without her!

About Maxceem:

Maxceem has great thought process. He takes a sense of ownership for every piece of work that he grabs. He is clear in terms of his bandwidth and able to convey upfront if he would not be able to handle some work. We love working with Maxceem and appreciate all he does for Topcoder – a true MVP in our eyes.

About kiril.kartunov

Kiril is a true go-getter when it comes to Topcoder.  When it comes to the pages that you see on our Community site, there is a good chance Kiril had something to do with it.  Kiril is always asking how he can be of assistance, especially when it came to the TCO. He is very passionate about what he does and about the success of the Topcoder Community.  If that is not the definition of a Topcoder MVP, I don’t know what is!

About akinwale

Akinwale has been a part of the Topcoder community for many years. He is always supportive and excited about the things we are doing. We love seeing him and his family every year at TCO and he’s an integral part of the community.

Congratulations and good luck for our new MVP members!


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