November 8, 2018 Introducing TCO18 Algorithm Finalists and Brackets

We are nearly a week from the most interesting Topcoder Contest in the calendar year. This year we increased the number of competitors to 16, with 14 qualifying from TCO18 Algorithm Rounds and 2 of them qualifying from TCO18 Regionals Events which were held at 5 locations around the world this year.
It was great to see Petr make a comeback to TCO Finals after missing out last year.
Also it was amazing to see the Vasyl[alphacom] come back to competing after a 3 year long break and make it to TCO18 Finals. We are extremely happy to see krijgertje another veteran TCO Finalists qualify again this year. He last qualified in TCO16 and before that his last TCO Finals was in 2008.
While we had top 14 finalized from the TCO18 Round 4, the finals became more interesting with the addition of Egor and ACrush from the Regionals Wildcard Round. ACRush has has had many instances where he has been right up there, leading the leaderboard after the coding phase and then ending up being the runner up after having one problem challenged or having one problem failed.  He is coming back being an Algorithm Track finalist after 4 years, hope he can rub that runner-up tag off and win the trophy.
It will be very interesting and exciting to see the veteran champions ACRush, Petr, tourist and Egor competing in the same TCO Finals.
Also we have 6 first time TCO Finalists. _aid, jcvb, Errichto, Marcin_smu, mjhun and ksun48.
Take a look at the results from last 5 years.
Results: TCO17, TCO16, TCO15, TCO14, TCO13 and TCO12.
Read all the finalists interviews here

TCO18 Live Broadcast:

This year we have scott_wu and lg5293 broadcasting the algorithm matches live, also there will be interesting post match interviews with the finalists. Check out the full schedule here and you can also add that to your calendar.

TCO18 Finals Brackets:

4 members from each semi-final will qualify to compete in the final championship round.


Harshit Mehta

Sr. Community Evangelist

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