November 8, 2016 Introducing Predix

Today, we are announcing the Topcoder Community for Predix!

What is Predix?

Predix is an IoT platform developed by GE that focuses on building solutions for the Industrial Internet.

Sounds interesting… what is the “Industrial Internet”?

The Industrial Internet is a term coined by GE that refers to the integration of complex physical machinery with networked sensors and software. The Industrial Internet 101 site shares an example:

“[Let’s say that] the Union Pacific Railroad mounts infrared thermometers, microphones and ultrasound scanners alongside its tracks. These sensors scan every train as it passes and send readings to the railroad’s data centers, where pattern-matching software identifies equipment at risk of failure.”


Now, imagine a platform that integrates with all of these devices, collects their data, has the ability to analyze and even share this data! In this example, receiving this data from the cloud enables Union Pacific—and perhaps even its partners—to make smarter decisions!

This is Predix.

Why is this important to me and Topcoder?


“The driving force behind taking Predix to market was the scope of the opportunity: GE determined that the market for a platform and applications in the industrial segment could reach $225 billion by 2020.”

-M. LaWell, “Building the Industrial Internet with GE,” IndustryWeek

We at Topcoder have a deep relationship with GE, as you may have noticed from the number of GE challenges (like this one) run over the last two and a half years. GE has recognized the power of you all—the Topcoder Community—and wants you to come aboard this train as together we embark upon our Predix journey.

For those members who were around last year, you may remember when we partnered with Apple to form the Topcoder iOS community and launched the Swiftoberfest event. During Swiftoberfest, we provided all members who joined: educational items on how to develop with Swift, fun challenges to improve your skills, and, of course, a limited edition Topcoder badge! Joining the Topcoder Community for Predix will give you a similar experience.

I’m ready! What should I expect?

Ready to get started? Visit the new Topcoder Community for Predix. At this site, you can join our community to begin receiving important news to help guide you on your journey. To get started, we will send you a link to retrieve your free Predix Developer account. From there and over the next couple of months, you will be exposed to educational tutorials and guides—and we will even release some fun challenges to practice and hone your new skills (we may even throw a hackathon in there!).

By the end of this program, you should be well-versed in the Predix platform and have a better understanding of the Industrial Internet and the Industrial Internet of Things. You will also be well ahead of the curve and ready to put your Predix skills to use and help drive the future of industry.

We, along with our partners at GE Digital, are excited to begin this journey with you—and hope you feel the same. For more information (and if you are looking for more technical details), check out the Predix site. Otherwise, head on over to the Topcoder Community for Predix site and join today!


nick castillo

Community Operation Manager


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