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In The News: CloudSpokes and TopCoder, Together (Round-up)

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Posted September 23rd, 2013

@spartovi – Sal Partovi

There was an impressive amount of news coverage on last week’s announcement of Appirio’sacquisition of TopCoder.

Below are the main news features and highlights of what will be remembered as a monumental tipping point for crowdsourcing in enterprise IT, as the combination of CloudSpokes and TopCoder creates the world’s largest professional development and design community:

ZDNet – Larry Dignan

Appirio acquires TopCoder, corners crowdsourced developer market

“For developers, TopCoder and CloudSpokes both have similar monetization models. Generally speaking, there’s a small subscription fee to use the platforms and turn developers into a team. There’s an investment to build the development team and transaction fees based on application usage. The model is similar to the way cloud services are typically used.

Here are my key takeaways:

  1. For Appirio, the company gets an inside track to a labor pool that can offer soup-to-nuts development to any project. Running a large crowdsourced development community enables Appirio to be more nimble against the large integrators.
  2. Developers may have the opportunity to monetize their services better and become involved with larger enterprise projects. As a result, more developers are likely to follow the money.
  3. This concept of elastic development, scaling projects up and down to innovate, could be powerful for the enterprise. Appirio by itself had a great concept, but lacked the scale. TopCoder changes that equation.
  4. For a lot of companies, crowdsourced development may look like a better option than going offshore and Appirio has brought a level of safety to the crowdsourcing market. ‘The end game is to displace legacy providers and let you as an enterprise tap into the global marketplace. We want to provide that marketplace,’ said Singh.”


TechCrunch – Ingrid Lunden

Appirio Buys TopCoder To Add More Crowdsourcing, And 500K Developers And Designers, To Its CloudSpokes Network

“In contrast, the crowdsourced model as envisioned by Appirio and TopCoder presupposes that for most problems there will be people who have the expertise to solve it faster and cheaper than if a top-down consultancy performed more targeted searches itself to implement a solution. (The figure Appirio claims is that costs can be reduced by some 62% in crowdsourced development environments.)”


VentureBeat – Jolie O’Dell

Appirio buys TopCoder and mashes it up with CloudSpokes

“In a nutshell, the companies involved hope that TopCoder’s amazingly skilled community will meld with the CloudSpokes cloud-based delivery model to form a two-headed beast of efficient business and beautiful code.
“We have admired Appirio for bringing together the best of cloud development and crowdsourcing,” said TopCoder founder Jack Hughes.”


TechWorld – Sam Shead

Appirio acquires TopCoder to expand its developer community

“Appiro, which provides products and services to companies wishing to adopt cloud technologies, said it will combine its own crowdsourced Cloudspokes network of cloud and web developers, with TopCoder’s community to give customers access to nearly 600,000 developers, designers and data analytics experts.

Appirio claimed the acquisition will provide members of both developer communities with more opportunities to earn money while showcasing their respective skills and capabilities.”


Talkin’ Cloud – CJ Arlotta

Appirio Acquires Topcoder, Beefing Up its Crowdsourcing Technology Platform

“CloudSpokes will also add an additional track for cloud development at the TopCoder Open, the conference scheduled for November 10-14, 2013, and the company will also increase the prize money there.”


Crowdsourcing.org – Eric Blattberg

Appirio Acquires TopCoder To Bolster Its CloudSpokes Developer Community

“It’s unclear if the TopCoder brand will remain separate from CloudSpokes, according to Messinger. During a phone conversation with Crowdsourcing.org this afternoon, Messinger said a lot of merger details depend on what the community wants.

‘We don’t intend to say, ‘this is how we’re going to merge.’ We’re going to go to the community and ask how the design should look, what changes we should make, how do we push the envelope on what the new platform is going to be,’ he said.”


Digninomica – Phil Wainewright

Appirio boosts crowdsourced coding for the enterprise

“Parceling out discrete development tasks for crowdsourcing through a community contest is a process that fits well with the agile development methodology favored by Appirio. Singh told me in a pre-briefing last week that enterprises are turning to crowdsourcing communities to plug in-house skills gaps.”


Wired – Klint Finley

World’s Biggest Programming Contests Get Bigger

“Appirio will turn to people like Gasper as it completes the acquisition of TopCoder. The plan is to merge CloudSpokes and TopCoder into a single site. Singh says both
sites were already built through contests, and the process of merging the two will be farmed out as contests too. ‘We want to make sure we get the right voices from each community,’ he says.”


Diginomica – Dennis Howlett

Appirio’s CloudSpokes acquires TopCoder, blows up developer model

“One of the key arguments for crowdsourced competition is that there is a more natural alignment between what the developer wants to get out of the ‘game’ and what customers want. Singh argues that talent sourcing in this way gives customers a better sense of choice rather than being stuck with a contracted engagement that may (or may not) deliver the best outcome. He also says that the key to the success of the crowdsourcing model lies in treating the developer like a valued customer.”