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Improving Platform Change Communications – CAB Session #5 Recap

By talesforce In Uncategorized

Posted March 20th, 2015

Here we are again! There are good sensations of progress after our most recent CAB meeting held on Thursday, March 5th. We enjoyed the early celebration of the International Women’s Day with highlights of our women and the presence of all of the CAB members and staff with the special addition of some head staff from Topcoder.


1. CAB Scorecard

CAB staff jwlms introduced the CAB scorecard which is under discussion to become the tool for tracking progress of the ideas and feedback we collect from the community and handle during the sessions.

2. Replacement of Slash TC Page

There is a plan to replace the legacy page with a new dashboard that contains member data and helpful information about challenges. A brief demo was shown during the meeting to get quick feedback and guidelines about the page.

3. Change Management

Communicating changes in effective ways is a big concern. A discussion was held and focused on the expectations and proper media to be used for communicating changes so the community can be aware and provide feedback.

4. Data Science Updates

There is an updated Data Science landing page which allows an easy access to match listings and the SRM calendar, as well as access to both arenas. The first “fun” marathon match was launched (23rd Feb). The goal for the data team is to make a commitment to a number of fun matches each month.

5. Site Improvements

Some old forum topics were archived, new design forums were created and software tracks were split per forum. Support is more prevalent in the Help Center and clearly states expectations now.


1. Discussion of recent community worrying forum threads

There is a concern about community thoughts. Particular forum threads and feedback from members about the state of Topcoder and the website that called out the attention were discussed during the meeting.

2. Editorial writers are still needed

The process for looking for them should be more efficient. We talked about the possibility of more incentives for talented community members to write editorials.


We’ve put together a detailed breakdown of the whole meeting here in the respective CAB forum thread. Make sure to check these insightful notes to have very detailed information about what’s being discussed during these sessions.

As usual, we’ll be pleased to hear any ideas/thoughts you have about improving the community in any aspect. Free to read and write in the CAB dedicated forum. It’s for you!