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HP IDOL OnDemand Challenges Galore!

By wwwtc In Community Stories

Posted May 14th, 2014


@jeffdonthemic – Jeff Douglas

Not a lot of you know this, but my good friends call me “The Postman”. Why you ask? Because I deliver! I told you last week to sign up API Keys for HP IDOL OnDemand because we would be running 20+ challenges using these cool new APIs.

I hate to keep beating this dead horse, but I delivered on my promise. If you check out the HP IDOL OnDemand community you’ll see 9 challenges currently running. So hop on the API-train and get to codin’! If you don’t have an HP IDOL OnDemand API Key, it’s free and easy to get one. Take a peek at some of the challenges we are currently running.

Cloud Mashup

Do you have a great idea for some type of cloud mashup with IDOL OnDemand and let’s say, Docusign or Twilio or Facebook? This is you chance! The deliverable for this challenge is a working application that calls the API’s of two different platform. Of course, you can call as many different API’s as you want but at least one of them should be the IDOL OnDemand API’s. How about an app that extracts text from a PDF and sends it via SMS with Twilio? How about scanning your friends’ pictures using facial detection and then posting them to their Facebook wall? Sooo many great ideas!! $1500 top prize!

Google Glass Challenge

glassholesDon’t be #glassholes like these guys. Compete in our Google Glass challenge and be cool. We actually have two winners for this challenge for $2000 each. “But Jeff… I don’t own a pair of Google Glass!” I knew you would say that but don’t let that stop you from claiming that nifty prize money. Check out the Glass Developers site where you can get all of the tools you need to get winning!

Salesforce Killer App Idea Challenge

Shhh… don’t tell anyone but we are developing the next Salesforce Killer app using HP IDOL OnDemand and need your help. The deliverable for this challenge is a design document that describes an application which uses the IDOL OnDemand APIs and interacts with Salesforce.com in some way. There are 5 prizes for this challenge so you simple idea could turn into the next “Killer Salesforce App”.

Salesforce Business Card Reader

A business card reader is one of the coolest thing I can imagine writing for Salesforce. How many times have you wanted to simply attach a business card to a contact in Salesforce. “Too many times!”, you say. I know! Me too.

Business Card Reader Mobile Web Design

What? You’re a designer so you feel left out of all of the HP IDOL OnDemand APi-goodness? Fear not my friend as this is the challenge for you. As the front end part of the Salesforce Business Card Reader challenge, this challenge is to design a 6 screen storyboard for the mobile web application we are building.

Salesforce Case Indexer

Are you a Force.com junkie or someone that wants to get their feet wet on the platform? This looks like a cool challenge! Write an application on Force.com that will query for the current set of cases and then load case, case comments, case chatter, and/or case-related email into an IDOL OnDemand text index.

Salesforce Case Search

Here’s another Salesforce challenges if you like front end work in Visualforce. The challenge is to create a UI for the Case Indexer application above.

Remember, more challenges equals more fun, fame and fortune for you. Head over to the HP IDOL OnDemand community site for more info.