February 4, 2021 Help us Celebrate SRM 800 with a Party & Prizes!

It’s been 7,248 days, 1,035 weeks, and 238 months since Topcoder officially started back in April 2001. But did you know that the Competition Arena actually came to fruition in 1999 as a simple platform to submit, compile, and test with no scoring or challenges. Since then, the Arena has become a staple in the competitive programming world and at Topcoder serving for numerous Single Round Matches (SRMs). Each SRM is a new milestone for us as members earn ratings, digest and conquer amazing problems, and show off how incredibly smart they are. That is why SRM 800 is so important to us to celebrate 20 years of SRMs, ratings, and competitive programming camaraderie. 

Only with the help of the community, have we been successfully able to organize 800 SRMs plus so many more so this celebration is not only for the 800th one but to all those that have helped along the way.

This is a moment to cherish and celebrate all the contributions members have done over these years. It takes a lot to organise a round, from writers, testers, admins, editorialists, the product development team, to all the competitors who compete with all their passion and encouragement.

SRM 800 is taking place on February 13, 2021 and we are organizing a Virtual Party. Register Now! Join us as we celebrate this SRM milestone with a panel discussion with veterans including Misof, Petr, Neal and more, a post-match analysis with our top problem writers, and some great informational sessions.

Besides some awesome problems, lots of prizes! Here are the details:

Exclusive SRM 800 T-shirt for:

  • 25 Top members from both divisions to get an exclusive SRM 800 T-shirt
  • 25 Top Newbies* other than the Top 25 from Div II
  • 25 Random Participants (other than the Top 25 from both divisions and 25 Newbies) 
  • Veteran Competitors** in Top 50 from both divisions earn an exclusive, vintage Topcoder t-shirt.
  • Cash prizes as follows:
    • Div I 
      • 1st place: $150
      • 2nd place:$100
      • 3rd place: $75
    • Div II
      • 1st place: $150
      • 2nd place:$100
      • 3rd place: $75
      • Top Scoring Newbie*: $100

*Cash and t-shirt prizes for newbies is valid only to Topcoder members who registered before 23:59 UTC-5 February 3, 2021 and have never participated in an SRM before.

**Veteran Competitors are those who last competed in a rated round before December 31, 2014.

SRM 800 is the perfect chance for you to check out this competition if you’ve never done an SRM before. Want to learn more about competing? 

Check out this guide to successfully compete in an algorithm match.

You can compete using:

  • Topcoder Java Applet – You can refer to this guide here to set up the applet. (Note that those who have Java 8 installed on their machine will see a security issue – You will have to add Topcoder in security exceptions in Java Control Panel. Please refer to the details in the guide.)
  • Topcoder Web Arena(Beta) – Please watch this video for step by step guide

Best of luck to you in SRM 800! And have fun!

Harshit Mehta

Sr. Community Evangelist

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