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Help Choose the New topcoder Logo

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted January 8th, 2014

TopCoder is now a part of Appirio as many of you now know. We are very excited about this merger and we wanted to take this opportunity to relaunch the TopCoder brand to reflect its new partnership with Appirio. We have a new logo concept and are now looking for you to help us select the final version of the logo. Give us your feedback as part of this quick survey. We are giving away 50 free t-shirts as an incentive.

During the 2013 TopCoder Open we asked our top community designers to come up with concepts for our new TopCoder logo that helped tell the Appirio/CloudSpokes + TopCoder brand story. There were several strong concepts, but the concept that was selected as our winner really stood out for a number of reasons.

How do you measure the success of a logo? A successful logo is simple, memorable, versatile, appropriate, and helps convey a brand message. The winning concept meets all of these criteria.

1. Simple – A simple logo design is easily recognizable and allows the logo to be versatile and memorable. It doesn’t need to be overly complex in order to be successful or memorable.

2. Memorable – Simplicity is closely linked to being memorable. An effective memorable logo mark uses simple concepts to convey a complex message and appropriate visual representation of a brand.

3. Versatile – A successful logo should be able to be used across a variety of applications. It should be scalable and functional. It should look good in print, web, vertical and horizontal formats.

4. Appropriate – An effective logo should be appropriate for it’s intended purpose. The logo should represent the brand that it stands for and be relevant and easily understood by it’s intended audience.

5. Brand story – A good logo at it’s core is the simplest representation of a brand. It should be a tool to help explain a brands proposition and offering.

The winning logo concept took the original Appirio “Arc” and used that shape as the foundation for a brand new logo mark. The Appirio “Arc” connects three overlapping colored arc shapes that represent the three areas of expertise of TopCoder; Design, Development, and Data Science. These three areas of expertise all interact with each other to form a unified shape. The colors represent these areas and the resulting overlap and color shifts demonstrate how these areas interact and overlap with each other with the Appirio Arch as the element that connects and brings them together. The colors also help to demonstrate the diverse collection of professionals that TopCoder has in it’s community. The logo mark combines simple shapes to convey that they are part of a larger whole.

The logo shape is also appropriate in that it resembles a “cloud” which is integral to what Appirio and TopCoder do. The “cloud” shape relates back to CloudSpokes and it is an appropriate and relevant visual for where our industry is headed.

The TopCoder “brackets” have been brought into the logo mark to complete the visual combination of these two existing brands. By combining the old and the new we’ve been able to create a logo mark that not only gives us a fresh new look for our company, but also gives a slight nod to our past and where we’ve come from.

The new logo is simple and memorable. It’s appropriate and versatile, and most of all it helps us tell the Appirio & TopCoder brand story. We’re excited about this new direction and we want you to be as well. The new logo has been created by the community and now we are looking to you to help us decide on the final version.

Version 1


Version 2

This version takes the “TopCoder Brackets” and places them around the word “topcoder” This signifies that TopCoder is the platform or foundation for what our new partnership with Appirio will be delivering moving into the future.


Version 3

This version uses the TopCoder Brackets and places them around the new “cloud” shape. This signifies the core of what TopCoder is delivering to it’s customers and it’s community in designing and developing “The Cloud”.