June 1, 2016 Harvard is Hiring a Data Scientist Focused on Crowdsourcing Challenges

Over the last 6 years Harvard and Topcoder have teamed up to tackle exceptional data science challenges spanning energy harvesting, genetics, precision medicine and beyond. These crowdsourcing challenges have provided opportunities for Topcoder members to work on inspiring data science projects with Harvard partners from NASA, Scripps Research Institute, the Broad Institute, as well as many others.

Now our partners at the Crowd Innovation Lab at Harvard are hiring for a crucial position for their growing team focused on using crowdsourcing to accomplish exceptional data science results.

The individual they are seeking for this role will have the opportunity to work with amazing teams from the following organizations:

  • Harvard CIL’s research team
  • Topcoder’s community members and data science team
  • Researchers at the Broad Institute
  • NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation

From the job description:

The Crowd Innovation Lab (CIL) at Harvard is looking for an energetic data scientist to implement crowdsourcing competitions to solve some of the toughest computational challenges in data analytics in general and precision medicine in particular. This position allows the Fellow to work with leading scientists in precision medicine to formulate problems to be solved through a series of online competitions that engages the best data scientists and programmers in the world.

Please note the candidate must reside in Boston, MA and have their PhD to be considered for this position. Know a good candidate? Perhaps you are interested in this incredible role? The full job description along with application directions can be found here.

The team at the Crowd Innovation Lab at Harvard would like to thank each of you in advance for your consideration. To those who choose to apply, we wish you the best of luck!


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