September 18, 2019 Get Paid to Test UI Designs

The time has come, dear Topcoder members: today we launch the very first user testing challenge in Topcoder’s history. I’d like to invite you all to try this new type of challenge and get paid for the insights we get from you. Let’s see what these challenges will look like.

The Objectives

We are constantly working on enhancing the experience of anyone who visits the Topcoder platform. Most of us who work in the internal design team knows the product in and out, but after a while, this prevents us from seeing it from every aspect; for instance, from a new user’s point of view. That is why we are happy to start a series of Topcoder user testing challenges. The insights from you are invaluable to us. It will help us to see if we are going in the right direction or not. We will take this seriously and drive the design effort based on what we learn from you.

Who Can Compete

We are happy to see all types of Topcoder members competing on these challenges. The more diverse the testing group is, the more insights we will get. So all designers, developers and data scientists are more than welcome!

The Effort

A typical test will take approximately 10-15 minutes and if you have a valid submission you will be paid $15-$20 for a test, depending on the exact challenge.

Structure and Timeline

In user testing challenges, we are going to work with a predefined sample size, which means that only a limited number of members can compete. For example, we will open the registration phase and only the first 20 people’s registration will be considered (the sample size may vary depending on the exact challenge). Those 20 registrants will have 12 hours to submit, otherwise the remaining members who are interested get a chance to submit as well, until we have 20 submissions. This also means that the user testing challenges will have only one round and the registration phase will remain opened parallel to the submission phase.

The Task

For each challenge we will set up a couple of easy tasks for you to perform through a tool called Maze. We will supply a link for you where you can find the test. Let me show you what you can expect during our UI testing challenges:

You will be given a link to the test, that you have to open, and simply follow the instructions you will be given on screen.

This is where you begin.

To begin with, you will get some warm up questions. These are mainly about your usage habits and relationship with Topcoder.

Simple questions for us to see who you are.

When you are done answering the questions, the real test will begin. You will see your task first, then you can go ahead and try to solve it.

This is how your task  will be given to you.
Now you are alone… Good luck!
When you succeeded in the test, you will get here.

After finishing the tasks, you will be given another set of questions that will be about the test session itself.

To cool down, you will answer some easy questions again.
You are done when you see the below screen.
I absolutely enjoy watching Maze’s animations 🙂


Besides performing the task to let us keep track of your work, you will also have to submit a zipped txt document that contains your Topcoder handle.

I hope I called your attention to this new opportunity, and will see you in one of these new challenges.


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