November 28, 2016 GE’s Topcoder Community for Predix Update: Educational Challenges are Live

Get Predix savvy with the Predix educational challenge series and earn TCO points!

Why is this important to me and Topcoder?

According to IndustryWeek’s article “Building the Industrial Internet with GE, ”…[the] driving force behind taking Predix to market was the scope of the opportunity… [a market that] could reach $225 billion by 2020.”  Well, it’s practically 2017 and that opportunity means $225 billion over the next three years!  There are going to be a lot of products, applications and more being developed over the next few years and GE is going to need a lot of smart and savvy people (like our Topcoder community) to bring this vision to life.

Remind me again, what is Predix?

Predix is an IoT platform developed by GE that focuses on building solutions for the Industrial Internet, otherwise known as a cloud-to-edge based Platform-as-a-Service.

What are the Predix Educational Challenges about?  What should I expect?

All the Predix Educational Challenges will be available at the new Topcoder Community for Predix.  When you’re there, make sure to sign up for your free Predix Developer account—as you’ll need to it complete the challenges!
These challenges, which you can find here, are designed to get you up to speed on using Predix, applying some basic functionality and comfortable with Industrial Internet scenarios.  The challenges will be broken out into a multi-part series, with the skills required for each challenge building upon one another, starting with a simple Hello World challenge.

Why should I participate in the Predix Educational Challenge Series?

Completing each of the challenges will earn you 500 TCO points towards TCO17. Plus, you’ll be way ahead of the curve and ready to put your Predix skills to use by the massive demand for designers, developers and thinkers like you on the ready to be unleashed!
GE Digital is thrilled for you to sharpening your skills and preparing as a future collaborator and partner, helping shape the digital industrial world.  For more information head on over to the Topcoder Community for Predix site and join today!

VP, Marketing


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