March 15, 2011 First Winner!

We are pleased to announced our first winner for the CloudSpokes community! In fact the submissions were both great we decided to name two first place winners!

In no particular order, fractastical submitted a project incorporating his username! His project included Apex code with embedded Javascript which displayed a Mandelbrot fractal. The code uses the HTML5 to display another fractal with fractal lightning! You can see the submission here on fractastical’s website. If you think you can figure out this code take a peek at a screen shot of the code below.

Next up is Aiis and his submission of an HTML/JS Connect4 game. Give it a try and then try to read the obfuscated code. It definitely brings me back to my childhood to play a game of Connect 4. To make it hard to read, Aiis used the following techniques:

  • Nested tertiary operators
  • Large amount of global variables
  • Multiple information encoding methods
  • Unused garbage variables and functions
  • Lack of tabbing or organized white-space
  • Multiple functions to perform the same task
  • Unintuitive order of function parameter passing
  • Extra curly-braces, { and }, which are not required
  • Functions definitions placed in random order on page
  • Variables defined by a large offset in a long string
  • Unnecessary use of binary operators in arithmetic operations
  • Not all global variables are declared and initialized together
  • One-character and random two-character variable and function names
  • Several variables used to represent the same values as other variables
  • Functions that use local variables with the same names as global variables
  • Several nested functions that may affect global variables used by other functions
  • Long string composed of many variable length strings to make finding offset more difficult

Here is a screenshot of his code:

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