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I got a fever and the only cure is more Lightning!

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted October 24th, 2014

more-lightningIf you are like me you probably have some free time for the next couple of days and are wondering what you can do to keep yourself busy. I know… I know… you are moping around the house after returning from Dreamforce and are experiencing the emotional let-down of it being over. Plus! The newest, coolest, best new JavaScript framework (whatever it is) isn't due out till mid-week. You have plenty of free time this weekend to play around with cool new stuff!

So Let's Build Some Lightning Apps & Components!!

If you didn't attend Dreamforce last week for some reason or missed the announcement entirely (you must have been dead), here's the scoop. Lightning Components are re-usable, self-contained UI elements for Force.com Apps. Read more here but the short story is, they are awesome and we are building a bunch of them on topcoder with $20,000 in cash prizes.

Check out http://lightning.topcoder.com for the low-down, but we have the following challenges running into early next week. Just in time for your post-Dreamforce blues.

  1. Lightning App – Fix My Sick Doggie!
  2. Send Us Your Lightning Component/App Ideas
  3. Lightning App – Lead Conversion
  4. Lightning Component – Typeahead Input Field
  5. Lightning Component – Lazy Loading TreeView
  6. Lightning Component – Dependent Picklists
  7. Lightning Component – Upload Attachment

Got a question about Lightning or need help getting started? Check out our Lightning FAQ.