Earn Over $2,000 in Just One Day of Work: That’s the Test for Success Challenge Series

Topcoder’s new Test for Success Challenge Series is an opportunity for new members without any coding knowledge, aspiring coders, and the general Topcoder community to participate in test challenges with great rewards. A new QA challenge of Exploratory and Regression is posted every week, so there are plenty of chances to earn money by everyone for passed submission. Get engaged with Topcoder by participating in this exciting challenge series!

What Is Test for Success?

Test for Success is a weekly QA challenge series for the Topcoder community. Challenges are typically posted at 23:30 UTC -5 and run for 24 hours. No coding or design is required for these challenges, but participants must have an iOS or Android device matching certain specifications and be able to follow detailed instructions in the challenge spec. Prizes are awarded to all for successful passed test result for each test case and bug logged. The more you perform to complete the test cases and bugs reporting, the more you can earn.

How to Participate

You can find information about the Test For Success Challenge Series and a link to the current challenge (if open) here. Test for Success Challenges also appear on the list of all open challenges.

On each challenge’s overview page you will find information about the app (or apps) being tested, as well as:

  • Challenge Objectives – An overview of the type of testing in that challenge. Some challenges involve open, exploratory testing while others are focused on structured regression testing
  • How to Participate – Including scope, forum instructions, deliverables, and basic directions
  • Devices in Scope – A detailed list of devices and operating systems that are included in the challenge
  • Additional Rules, Scoring, and Final Submission Guidelines

You will be asked to document the issues you find with bug reports, screenshots, video recreations of bugs, and other deliverables. Each challenge has specific rules about how to document and submit your reports, and questions that arise during the challenge can usually be answered in the forums.

In 24-hour cycle, the feedback and acceptance to your test results are provided while testing is in progress. Tester would be knowing instantly how much they have earned. There is a prize tag and platform tag associated with each ticket in regression testing. Anyone submitting test results can earn money when the test result passes through review criteria.

Why Should You Participate?

There are a lot of great reasons to join Topcoder’s Test for Success Challenges. First, it’s fun and offers a low-pressure way to be engaged with Topcoder and hone your QA skills. Second, it’s relatively easy – you don’t need specific coding or design experience, just the right device and an eye for detail. And finally, you could make some real money (always a good thing). If you’re aiming to participate in the annual Topcoder Open (TCO), the Test for Success Challenges have TCO points, too.

Some Topcoder members are making $2,000 for just one challenge (that’s only one day of work). And every passing submission receives a free T-shirt!

Community Voices

Community is at the core of everything Topcoder does, and community members have great things to say about the Test for Success Challenge Series:

Topcoder showed me that even people without programming / designing skills can earn good prize money.


Test For Success has helped me to bridge the gap between classroom / online theory and practice. The feedback I received helped improve my understanding and knowledge of the test process. This series is ideal for someone who wants to learn/explore software testing or to improve their software development skills. This series will allow you to earn as you learn!


The Test for Success challenges series is a great opportunity to be part of shaping a good product.


So if you’re looking to get more involved in the Topcoder community, have some fun hunting for bugs, or just earn a bit of straightforward prize money, check in each week for the Test for Success Challenge.

If the Test for Success Challenge Series isn’t the right kind of project for you, Topcoder always has a wide variety of open challenges featuring coding, design, QA, UX/UI, and more.