DS Weekly Challenges: Results

I’ve fallen behind on publishing the results of past Data Science challenges – well, that’s what one gets for running challenges which don’t let to pick the winner by a single look at the standings! Let’s catch up on at least some of them.

Week #9 DS Challenge Result

As a reminder, the week #9 challenge was…

…The competitor who has maximal value of (final score / (1 + abs(number of full submissions – M))) in WaterfallFishing match, where M is the median of numbers of full submissions of all participants.

With 28 competitors, the median of the number of full submissions ended up being 3.5, and the challenge was won by the winner of the match itself who did 3 submissions – NobuMiu.

Week #8 Marathon Challenge Result

As a reminder, the week #8 Marathon challenge was…

…The competitor who will get 31st place in the final standings of Marathon Round 2.

At least this one was easy to figure out: 31st place in Round 2 was taken by TrePe.

Congratulations to the winners! And stay tuned – more challenges are coming up in the following weeks!