DS Weekly Challenges: the End

Week #11 Challenge Result

As a reminder, the week #11 challenge was…

…The competitor who participated in all three Round 2s, did not advance to Round 3 but got the highest average place across the three rounds.

The winner is sigma425: with each round 2 he was closer and closer to advancing, starting with 62nd place in 2A and ending with 41st place in 2C, just missing the cutoff for Round 3. It’s mean to congratulate a person with such a thing, but maybe a t-shirt will serve as a consolation.

This concludes the series of DS Weekly Challenges. I hope you enjoyed them; you can revisit the challenges and their results here.

Of course, the end of DS Weekly Challenges doesn’t mean the end of challenges in Data Science tracks! There are several regional events coming up, and more SRMs and Marathons. Marathon Match 94 ConnectedComponent started on August 16th and will run for a week – if you’ve always wanted to try Marathons but never had two weeks to spend on one, this is your chance!