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Drones + Wearables + Your App Ideas = GE’s Newest Topcoder Challenge

By cloudspokes In Uncategorized

Posted September 11th, 2015

What do you get when you mash-up a wearable device and a drone? GE just launched a very fun and easy to participate in, open innovation challenge on Topcoder, and they are asking you to deliver some incredible application ideas and concepts!

Register here!

This is a fantastic opportunity to show off your creative ability. What makes this challenge even more interesting is that the winning app idea submission will be part of the ongoing story of GE’s groundbreaking new podcast, Pivot. GE is even inviting the winner of this app ideation challenge to appear on their amazing podcast as a character on their pod!

Plus, the winning app idea will then be used to launch a design concepts challenge on Topcoder to bring your app idea to visual life.

So, do you have some great ideas for a killer app? The app idea must be a successful and unique mash-up of a wearable device and a drone. Think about all of the possibilities! With amazing sensor technologies, Internet of Things capabilities, drone features like onboard cameras and more, this is your opportunity to let GE know what you think would be the most useful and amazing application mash-up.

So let’s recap:

  • Amazing Company – this is your chance to show GE how innovative and creative you are!
  • Amazing Opportunity – your app idea will not only then be designed in a follow-up Topcoder challenge, but your idea, and even YOU, will be featured on GE’s awesome new podcast, Pivot!
  • Amazing Prizes – with 5 prizes being paid out and a top prize of $1,000, this is a fantastic opportunity to get paid serious money for your best application ideas!

To get all the details and to compete in this unique GE challenge, go here!