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Dreamforce 2015 – Day 3 & Day 4 Recap!

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted September 19th, 2015

The first two days passed in a breeze and it was time for another action packed day 3 at Dreamforce 2015!

Developer Keynote

The big highlight for me was the developer keynote – with some mind boggling numbers of how fast the Salesforce developer community is going and some valuable insights into what’s coming next!

The Salesforce community now boasts of more than 2.3 million developers and I can proudly say that some of the very best of those (including several MVPs) compete on some really complex and interesting Salesforce challenges on Topcoder as well.

It was hardly a surprise that Trailhead dominated the Developer Keynote as well – a staggering statistic that 1,65,000 trailhead badges have been earned till date (65 for yours truly – the complete set :).

The Developer Keynote provided more details into the new umbrella offering – App Cloud which combines the best of Force.com and Heroku platforms under one roof.

Heroku, one of the commonly used PaaS platforms, received a lot of attention in the developer keynote including some innovative new features such as a seamless merge and review process for pull requests.


If Dreamforce 2015 was all about developers talking Trailhead and Lightning, it’s been all ‘SalesforceIQ’ talk among the SMB segment. Day 3 gave more insights into the feature offerings of SalesforceIQ and the roadmap ahead.

I’ve liked whatever I’ve seen so far of SalesforceIQ – it brings intelligence by automatically creating reminders and tasks related to those contacts based on email content. and allows linking with your calendar and send reminders with times to book meetings.


After another grueling day, it was time to unwind at the gala. I’ve attended a number of concerts but the FooFighters show ranks among the ones I’ve enjoyed the most – quiet a memorable experience.

Day 4!

I’ll be honest – after the 3 grueling days at the conference, I was looking forward to a relaxed day four 🙂

There was plenty of action at the Topcoder booth as we had an ‘Apple Watch’ winner at the Topcoder booth!

The conference ended with the customary fun-filled Benioff-Parker Harris Q&A session. There was plenty of Oracle bashing, Microsoft bromance and lots of leg pulling between the two founders of this amazing company Salesforce – just the perfect stress-buster for 160,000 odd people who put up with the grueling schedule over 4 days.

Until we meet again at Dreamforce 2016, this is your friend talesforce signing off!