May 19, 2017 Data Science Weekly Challenges: Week #8

Week #7 Challenge Results

As a reminder, the week #7 challenge was…
…The competitor whose score at the Marathon Round 2 mid-point has fractional part closest to the average of fractional parts of all the scores.
Depending on the number of participants at midpoint the fractional points could have more or less variety (due to the scores being integers divided by number of participants – 1).
There were 81 competitors, and the average of fractional parts of the scores was 442.90. Surprisingly, there was very little variety in fractional parts of the scores but only 3 participants had score with fractional part equal to 437.5 (which was the closest to the average). Still I had to resort to the tiebreaker: bakanaouji submitted on May 17th, Pag2 submitted on May 16th and the winner with the last submission done on May 15th is rballman!

Week #8 Challenges

For the eighth week, I had a choice between the still ongoing Marathon Round 2 and the upcoming Algorithm Round 2A. But why choose if you can have both? This week will have two challenges: the Marathon one will award the t-shirt to…
…The competitor who will get 31st place in the final standings of Marathon Round 2.
…and the Algorithm one will award the t-shirt to…
…The competitor who does the latest successful challenge in Algorithm Round 2A.
In both challenges, in case of a tie the lower-rated (before the event) member will win.


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