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Data Science Weekly Challenges: Week #7

By guestblogger In Community Stories

Posted May 11th, 2017

Week #6 Challenge Results

As a reminder, the week #6 challenge was…

…The competitor whose score after System Testing is the closest to the average of all the scores in Round 1C.

Round 1C had competitors had an average score of 350.59. The closest score to this value, 353.54, belongs to radkokotev – congratulations!

Week #7 Challenge

For the seventh week, we go back to the Marathon Competition. Marathon Round 2 has started, and the seventh t-shirt will go out to…

…The competitor whose score at the Marathon Round 2 mid-point has fractional part* closest to the average of fractional parts of all the scores.

I’ll get a snapshot of the leaderboard as close to the mid-point as my schedule permits. Submissions made but not processed by this time will not be included. In case of a tie the earliest submission wins.

*Due to the discrete scoring system used in this problem the fractional part of the score will be defined as the last 5 digits of the score, i.e. three digits before the decimal point and two digits after the decimal point (of the 5 digits after the decimal point of the score divided by 1000).

Mariia “Nickolas” Mykhailova is a software engineer in Microsoft Research. In her scarce spare time she plays board games and laser tag, goes for hikes and invents puzzles, travels and, of course, writes problems for programming competitions.