May 4, 2017 Data Science Weekly Challenges: Week #6

Week #5 Challenge Update

As a reminder, the week #5 challenge was…
…The competitor who has the shortest code in the top half of the scoreboard.
Marathon Round 1 ended up having 139 competitors who sent a full submission, so I’ll be looking at the top 70 of them. Stay tuned for the results of the challenge, which unfortunately depends on the final results of Marathon Round 1 and will be announced next week.

Week #6 Challenge

For the sixth week, we’ll return to the Algorithm competition. Remember that there’s one more chance to advance to Round 2? The sixth t-shirt will go out to…
…The competitor whose score after System Testing is the closest to the average of all the scores in Round 1C.
Only the scores of actual participants (i.e. people who opened at least one problem) will count. In case of a tie, the t-shirt will go to the person whose score changed to this value at the earliest time of the match.

Mariia “Nickolas” Mykhailova is a software engineer in Microsoft Research. In her scarce spare time she plays board games and laser tag, goes for hikes and invents puzzles, travels and, of course, writes problems for programming competitions.

James Marquez


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