April 12, 2017 Data Science Weekly Challenges: Week #4

Week #3 Challenge Results

To remind you, week #3 challenge was

…The person who gets the most (positive) points for challenges while getting zero points for problems in Round 1B.

This was a somewhat risky challenge – it’s fairly rare for a competitor to get positive score in challenges without getting even a single problem right. But it turned out to be a success: three people got positive score due to challenges only, and the winner is p-n_nepexod who got +50 points!

Week #4 Challenge

For the fourth week, we switch to the Marathon competition which is starting this week. The fourth T-shirt will go out to…

…The competitor whose score at Marathon Round 1 mid-point is the closest to the average of all full submission scores.

I’ll get a snapshot of the leaderboard on April 19th, 21:00 UTC-4 (or as close to this time as I can). Submissions made but not processed by this time will not be included. In case of a tie the earliest submission wins. The winning submission must have non-zero score.

I hope you’ll enjoy Marathon Round 1!


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