April 7, 2017 Data Science Weekly Challenges: Week #3

One round of the Algorithm Competition down, 14 to go. This week’s challenge is all about challenges, but first…

Week #2 Challenge Results

To remind you, week #2 challenge was
…The author of the fastest correct submission to Easy problem in Round 1A done in the language which has the least submissions done in it.
It was quite clear from the start that C++ and Java are not in the running. For a while it looked like the battle for the prize would be between C# and Python which ended up with very close numbers of submissions – 32 and 34, respectively. But then the single .NET submission by went in and ended up being correct, earning the t-shirt to its author neetsdkasu!

Week #3 Challenge

Third T-shirt will go out to…
…The person who gets the most (positive) points for challenges while getting zero points for problems in Round 1B.
In case of a tie, the person who had the most points for problems after Challenge Phase will win. If the tie still holds, the person who had the most points for problems after Coding Phase will win.
If nobody gets positive points for challenges and zero points for problems, the prize will not be awarded.
Just a reminder, round 1B will be held on Saturday, April 8, 2017 at 12:00 UTC -4.
The 750 highest scorers from each Round 1 will win a spot in Round 2 of the Algorithm Competition.
Please note that you must register for this round in the Arena. Registration opens at 9:00 UTC -4 and closes at 11:55 UTC -4. Be sure you register early to guarantee your spot in the round as registration is limited to the first 2,500 competitors.
See what time it starts in your area.
Good luck in Round 1B, and make your challenges count!


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