July 22, 2017 Data Science Weekly Challenge #11

Weekly DS Challenges are nearing the end. Both Algorithm and Marathon tracks still have contests to happen before the list of finalists is defined, but anybody who participates in Algorithm Round 3 or Marathon lightning round get a t-shirt automatically, so there’s not much point in extra challenges. But we’re not there yet.

Week #10 Challenge Result

As a reminder, the week #10 challenge was…
…The competitor who will get the smallest absolute difference of score for problems (after system test) and score for challenges (must have positive score for both) in Algorithm Round 2B.
45 competitors managed to get positive score for both challenges and problems. Of them, FAndES minimized the difference between the two, with 126.76 points for the easy problem and an intense challenge phase with 2 successful and 2 failed challenges. Congratulations!

Week #11 Challenge

This Saturday Algorithm Round 2C will take place. The related DS challenge will award the t-shirt to…
…The competitor who participated in all three Round 2s, did not advance to Round 3 but got the highest average place across the three rounds.
In case of a tie the lower-rated (before Round 2A) member will win.


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