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Culture Clash! – Introducing the TopCoder Webinar Series

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Posted November 15th, 2011

FREE Webinar marqueeA common misconception persists. People often think that gaining C-Level support to innovate alongside a global community is all that is needed for “success” in Open Innovation. Truth is, there’s a lot more to succeeding with an Open Innovation strategy and it goes well beyond a C-Level mandate.

Whether you are a developer within a larger corporation, a director level leader or perhaps a C-Level executive at a Fortune 500, individuals who shepherd change, throughout the organizational hierarchy, all have a role in affecting culture.

With over 10 years experience hosting global software competitions through our competitive community of more than 318,000 professionals for some of the world’s largest corporations, TopCoder has a few stories to share and we think the lessons will be worth your time. If you consider yourself a change agent or are simply looking to understand how to best position an internal team to have long term, repeatable success innovating and getting high-value work accomplished through an external community, we recommend you register for the upcoming free webinar.


Thursday Nov. 17th – 1:15PM (Eastern) FREE

Culture Clash! – How Internal Teams Can Accomplish the Very Most with Global External Communities

Change is happening whether you are helping to drive it or not. Register for the free webinar, bring your best questions and learn what has worked, what has fallen short and walk away understanding what it takes to affect an internal culture to not only accept, but embrace and innovate alongside an external global community.

Call it Crowdsourcing, call it Open Innovation, it doesn’t matter how it’s labeled. What matters is your approach and how you decide to lead change. No matter your position within your company, leaders are needed. Register today.

Further Good News

This is the kick-off event for a series of free TopCoder webinars that will focus on specific topics surrounding innovation through external communities and Crowdsourcing. Upcoming topics include protecting intellectual property (IP), software development best practices through community and understanding the force multiplication properties of innovating in parallel.

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