March 6, 2017 Contribute to SRM Editorials and Win a Topcoder T-Shirt!

We have come up with a new and improved plan to make it easy for anyone to contribute to Topcoder SRM editorials.

Right after the SRM you will find several First to Finish challenges on the Topcoder challenge listing page.
There will be a challenge for each problem that was a part of the SRM.
If you know how to solve that problem, simply register for the challenge and submit with your editorial. The first relevant submission on that challenge will get featured here on the Topcoder blog.
And, you will also win a Topcoder SRM Editor t-shirt!

There’s more! Once your count of featured editorial blogs reaches 10 you will receive a $50 prize, and if your count reaches 25 you will receive a $100 cash prize.
Come contribute to the editorials and win! 🙂

Harshit Mehta

Sr. Community Evangelist


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