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Coders Have Feelings Too!

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted February 27th, 2014

We kicked off a couple of poetry challenges on Valentine's Day because we are huge fans of spoken word poetry here at topcoder!

Our Love Poetry challenge had 26 submissions and we selected the top 5 winners along with some interesting "honorable mentions" below. The following prose is breathtaking so feel free to print out this page as a keepsake. It is suitable for framing.

First place: eriantoongko

Be a Computer

I want to be a monitor, so

I can feel your romantic eyes every hour

I want to be a mice, so

I can feel you touch every single click

I want to be a keyboard, so

I will the first to read you type I LOVE YOU

I want to be a power supply, so

You can’t live without me!

Second place: Eeyore

Twinkle, twinkle, API

Interface up in the sky

Connect to me under the moon

Let me call your methods soon

All my apps are in the cloud

Scalability makes me proud

Twinkle, twinkle, API

Topcoder makes it easy as pie

Third place: T-30

I want you to C

In the land of Java,

Oh, Ada you are mine,

Within the Blue robe.

Life is a Logo

Dart must to hit,

Like the hidden Pearl,

Within the shell.

When cows moo

Or the Falcon preys,

Bash your love,

Bon appetit.

Want to see the arc

Within you in scratch,

Love is mad,

Placed within limbo.

Euphoria of mind

Bliss within the heart,

Icon means you,

My love is Pure.

Fourth place: ForceLogic

Love Keywords

With a transient volatile

I want to fly in the static sky,

Like a bird extends his wings,

I package my stuff to finally leave.

While I throw an abstract flint

in the sea of the floating thoughts,

I try to superintend my feelings

for my new life in this void reality.

Suddenly I catch your bright eyes,

high-class double flame,

I default day dreaming and return back home,

it is a new home but also still the same,

I continue to live but protected by you.

You assert for a short switch,

yes, to switch from false to true,

yes, to switch from private feelings to public,

yes, to switch from trying to doing,

to finally and constantly

import your warm soul

that throws love from all interfaces,

to become a native character

of an endless long play,

where you are the neverending return,

and we are the final plot.

Fifth place: anastasis16

Dear honey……

If only your heart is a system,

Then i will scan for your open port when i c:> nc -l -o -v –e to your heart

But my courage is only as big as ping behind anonymous proxy,

If only your heart is a system,

I would use PHP injection

And so i know there is a free space for me when i ls -la; find / -perm 777 -type d

Or i should put backdoor “Remote Connect-Back Shell”

And hoping your connection so i dont dwell in this despair.

If only your heart is a system,

I will stand in your bugtrack and patch

And i will be your firewall

No malicious program and hidden service

Because i dear you so much

But, your heart is not a system, but you are my angel whom debugged my system!. I suffered a severe virus threat and no antivirus can cure me except….


Honorable Mentions

There were a number of poems that we thought deserved to be mentioned so here they are in no particular order:


A skillful designer in France

Looked into working freelance

Topcoder he joined

And made lots of coin

Without even putting on pants

The Cloud

Cloud, how do I love you?

Let me count the ways

Your processing is scalable

Your storage bounds amaze

Updates happen instantly

Deployment costs are small

And topcoder's contest platform

Is the nicest thing of all


Design brings innovation

It also adds frustration.

A challenge you to win

Don't put your hands first in.

Read the specs and balance well

To always deliver a big bombshell.

And knock off your client from his feet

To show him the amazement of crowd's heat.