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CloudSpokes + TopCoder, A CloudSpoker’s Perspective via @talesforce

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Posted September 19th, 2013

@timhicks24 – Tim Hicks

As everyone knows by now, CloudSpokes and our parent company Appirio, had a pretty eventful week. As soon as the news hit Tuesday morning, I reached out to longtime CloudSpoker and community rockstar Talesforce asking if he would share his thoughts on the announcement with the community. He graciously accepted and returned a draft back to me less than 2 hours later! (Hence the present tense for a post 2 days after the news)

Because of the flood of articles, and blogs focused on the acquisition news, I decided to hold onto Talesforce’s piece so it wouldn’t get lost in the mayhem, but believe now the time is right. Without further ado, check out Talesforce’s perspective on the combination of CloudSpokes and TopCoder below.

CloudSpokes + TopCoder, A CloudSpoker’s Perspective

It’s been an eventful day to say the least. Google scooped up Bump, Box announced ‘Box Notes’ – a new collaborative tool for taking notes at BoxWorks 2013 and that’s not all – in a potentially game changing announcement earlier today, Appirio (the parent company of CloudSpokes) announced that it’s has acquired TopCoder – one of the world’s largest open innovation community with over 500,000 developers, designers and engineers.

On paper, the ramifications of this move are mind-boggling. On one hand, CloudSpokes is the world’s leading go to community for crowdsourced cloud development with over 75K experts. On the other, TopCoder with over 500K developers has one of the largest geographically disperse talent pools and an envious client list that includes names such as AMD, Alcatel-Lucent, ESPN, Facebook, Intel and several others.

As expected, the Appirio acquisition of TopCoder has been the talk of the technology world (TechCrunch, VB, ZDNet) ever since the cat came out of the bag earlier today. The blog posts from both companies involved – Appirio and TopCoder offer a fascinating glimpse into the future of how a mashup of CloudSpokes and TopCoder could create the next wave of innovation in the crowdsourcing industry.

While it’s nice to read the opinions and views of analysts from the leading tech sites as well as the blogs posts from the marrying couple, both CloudSpokes and TopCoder are all about us – The Community, The People, The Developers, The Designers, The Engineers – it’s about folks like me and you!

Having been associated with CloudSpokes for almost two years as a participant, a reviewer and an avid community contributor, I wanted to share my views – straight from the horse’s mouth with no inhibitions, a developer’s (call it a CloudSpoker’s) take on the amalgamation of two of the most vibrant crowdsourced developer communities globally.

Quality Competition

I’ve always considered the quality of competition to be the real mantra behind the phenomenal success of CloudSpokes. Talk about cloud and mobile development and you’ll find some of the best developers from the world competing on CloudSpokes in these segments. Likewise, TopCoder is a “Been there, done that – time and again” success story for producing quality results in enterprise software development, Graphic design, Analytics and several other segments. Now just imagine the prospect of the best minds from both these communities working together!


The first thing that strikes my mind is the scale and magnitude of the joint community. With a combined headcount of nearly 600K, it doesn’t get any bigger than this. Imagine combining the workforce of Google, Apple and IBM and you would still fall short of that astronomical figure. If you are a kick ass developer or an award winning designer, there can be no greater achievement than getting recognized for your work in a gigantic community such as this.


IMO, the best part about the CloudSpokes and TopCoder joining forces is the diversity it offers to the two most important stakeholders – developers and clients. While developers get a taste of diverse technologies and an opportunity to acquire new skillsets, clients get the best of both worlds under one common umbrella. On a personal front, I’m looking forward to exploring the Analytics and Copilot segments on TopCoder.

Bleeding Edge

When I started off on CloudSpokes, the attraction that got me hooked to this community was an opportunity to work with some of the bleeding edge technologies such as Angular.js, node.js, Play framework and modern paradigms such as responsive web design and meta programming. With CloudSpokes and TopCoder joining hands, developers get an unparalleled opportunity to dig their teeth into modern technologies hot off the kitchen.


While it’s easy to view CloudSpokers and TopCoders as fierce competitors, I’m actually looking forward to bonding with fellow developers from TopCoder and learning from them. After all, CloudSpokes is as much about camaraderie as it is about competition.

All in all, as a CloudSpoker, I’m very excited to see how two of the best developer communities can unite to potentially turn the crowdsourcing industry on its head in the next few years. Of course, the developer in me is already psyched to compete with the best minds from the TopCoder community.

Bring it on CloudSpokers and TopCoders, let’s kick some ass together!