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Cisco Developer Challenge Series — Build Apps That Change the Face of Public Displays

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted August 6th, 2014

cisco-logo-featThink you can build great Cisco software? Join a series of Cisco developer challenges where you can create unique solutions using Cisco APIs, SDKs, tools, and web services. Be a part of the Internet of Everything and earn rewards for your participation.

This new multi-part series of challenges will extend into — and form a core component of — the current Cisco IServices product suite. This is your opportunity to apply and build your skills to the future of interactive display device technology.

First up! Cisco Interactive Experience Content Page Designer Developer Challenge. Do you know a little about building WYSIWYG front-ends that can layout and manipulate a multitude of content types on top of a digital canvas? Think about a large display at the airport, hospital, or a sporting colosseum… see how they mash up video, images, tickers, widgets, and files?

Cisco needs your help to build the core of a future app: the Display Page Designer. This component will allow non-technical users with ability to simply build out displays for their patrons, without the need to learn complex tools. This is a great competition for developers looking to break into the space with five prize placements and no reliability ratings risks. Register today and start building an app that could change the way large-scale displays cater dynamic content!