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Calling All Topcoders! Fill out a Short Survey, Win a Prize!

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Posted February 3rd, 2015

After another year of competition and a wildly successful Topcoder Open 2014 in San Francisco, we are asking for your help to fill out a short survey. We are also giving out prizes as a token of our appreciation.

Topcoder is supporting a research project sponsored by the NASA Tournament Lab and Professor Karim Lakhani of Harvard Business School. The goal is to better understand Topcoder and the many reasons our members have for participating on our platform.

In order to have the data that we need to conduct a thorough study, we would be grateful if you would take a few minutes to fill out this survey. Your participation will provide a quantified perspective on what motivates our members to be involved in Topcoder and to participate in our challenges. Your viewpoint is important to the project even if you have not recently been active or have stopped participating. Your participation is completely voluntary and all responses are strictly confidential. The survey should take you 10-15 minutes.

Get Started

There’s nothing like a nice prize, and we want to make sure that all survey participants have a chance to receive one. If you complete the survey, we will enter you you into a drawing for one of the following prizes of your choice:

  • $20 Gift Certificate from an online store of your choice (125 in total)
  • A limited edition Topcoder T-shirt (125 in total)
  • A $20 donation in your name to Engineers without Borders (125 in total)
  • One month – 20-slot subscription to the O’Reilly Safari Books Catalog (125 in total)
  • Participation in a 90 minute online webinar on resume writing by Harvard University Career Services (125 in total)

Topcoder is a strong community. You participate for many different reasons, including the opportunity to share your opinion on why you compete on our platform and where you’d like to see it in the future. We value your voice a great deal, so please fill out your survey now before the February 28 deadline!

Thank you for your help, and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to stay on top of all the action.

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