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Bug Bounty: Find and Fix Bugs Fast

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted July 18th, 2014

I’m happy to introduce a “Bug Bounty Program” for the [topcoder] website. The Bug Bounty Program is an opportunity for the [topcoder] community to take control of http://www.topcoder.com. We want you to find and fix bugs.

How it Works

The Bug Bounty Program will pay community members to report bugs in GitLab. We want to know how we can make the site better. Once the Bug Bounty Program co-pilot (hello-c) verifies each new bug, they will be available for the community to fix. Issues available to fix will be labeled with “fix me” in GitLab and have a dollar amount in the title. The bugs will be very small fast fixes that shouldn’t take more than a few hours to fix. To get an idea of what type of bugs will be fixed, look at the current queue.

The bug fix process entails members signing up for the Bug Bounty Program challenge, assigning themselves to an issue on GitLab (only one at a time) and submitting a merge requests for the issue. If all goes well, this process can be completed in a day.

Get step-by-step instructions on how to compete in the Help Center.

More Community Involvement = More Speed

Our current method involves packaging up a group of issues in a First to Finish (F2F) type of challenge, like this example. While this process works great, I want to decrease the overhead of running challenges and speed up small bug fixes. The most effective method is the community to log and fix issues directly in GitLab.

Keep a lookout for challenges with “[Bug Bounty]” in the title. Sign up for the challenge and help us fix Topcoder.com!