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Be the Oracle of Big Oil

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted March 12th, 2015

What’s the price of oil today? Amazing isn’t it… who would have guessed?!

But, what if YOU could have done much more than just guessed?

What if you could build an app that did it all through the cloud? No data science, economics, geo politics or industry experience needed. We’ll give you the datasets and an API… and with your skills… bam! Now you’re the Oracle of Oil.

But then what…? Maybe, Wall Street would start to break down your door…. or Rex Tillerson sends over the company jet. Maybe, you get a call from CNBC or Bloomberg asking to interview you… the guru.

Or (back to reality) what if you just use it to show off your coding chops? Or maybe you let your boss or the hiring manager play with it?

The point is, everyone gets oil. We’re all talking about it – even your parents. And now you can easily show how you can build an app that is relevant (and pretty cool!)

So check out the Gasoline Price Predictive Analytics Tutorial Challenge today.

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