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Badges, Badges, Badges!

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted July 13th, 2012

There are currently four main menu items available on These items pretty accurately reflect the top priorities for the community. “Members” takes you to a list of the community itself, showing profiles, leaderboards, win rates, and activity. “Challenges” is the running list of open developer challenges. “Account” is where you as a member manage your profile.

Today, we’re proud to introduce “Badges“. Badges, Badges, Badges. We had the badge’s page in beta for some time, but as you might have noticed on your profile, badges are now in full effect. Here’s what to look for:

  • Badges page – This page details all our current badges and requirements to achieve them. Expect this page to change as we add more partners and scale more challenges.
  • Profile page – On your profile page you will now see your points and rewards, as well as stats and achievements.
As you compete and win on CloudSpokes, it’s important for us to provide transparency into your achievements. You’ve earned them, you deserve to be able to show them off!
Beyond the the top-level CloudSpokes achievements, you’ll notice we’ve focused on individual technologies as well. So whether you’re looking to prove that you truly are an HTML5 Samurai, or looking to build out a new skill set with, we hope to the be the place you come to to show off your talents and track your progress. Instead of a superficial resume, you can now pull your real-world achievements directly off of CloudSpokes – where the rubber meets the code!